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4 noviembre 2013
NAVIGATOR 5000/6000

New NAVIGATOR models 5000 and 6000 l

- larger tank capacity, new liquid system and integrated electronics 

The two new NAVIGATOR models follow the “value for money” design idea from model 3000 and 4000 l - and provide extra capacity in both tank volume and boom size. This together with the introduction of some already known and well-proven HARDI-solutions mean that the new NAVIGATOR models will live up to the design idea more than ever.

Popular sprayer line – larger tank capacity …
The NAVIGATOR is an extremely well received product at all markets, and the concept with easy operation, reliability and good field performance is making this product line to one of the best-selling trailed sprayers at the world market.

The demand for sprayers with bigger capacity is growing in all user classes. The two new top models in the NAVIGATOR line is providing 5000 and 6000 l water plus 5% extra capacity. This gives up to 40 ha spray capacity in one go with 150 l/ha. The bigger tanks are supplemented by bigger booms from the exciting and well-proven HARDI boom range. 

NAVIGATOR 5000 and 6000 I are available with 3 different booms: 
EAGLE from 24 to 30 m, DELTA from 24 to 28 m and FORCE from 24 to 36 m.
The wide range of booms secures the maximum performance and capacity for a very wide range of farmers worldwide.  

New liquid system – higher precision in application rate
DynamicFluid4 was introduced in 2011 at the updated COMMANDER range and has challenged the standard for regulation. 
The advantage of the system is faster reaction in the application control both when fast accelerating/braking with the CVT/PowerShift transmissions, and when sections are turned on and off using GPS AutoSectionControl. 
Together with a very high reliability, the 4 sensors are supporting each other in case of errors on one or more sensors.

Spray controller with integrated features.
The 12.1’’ touch screen HC 9500 and the new 8.4’’ HC 8500 controller will be available at the full NAVIGATOR line. Both controllers offer a large integration of features with only one screen to manage in the cabin. The HC 6500 controller is also provided and known from the COMMANDER and smaller NAVIGATOR models.

Well proven features improving safety IntelliTrack is the only drawbar steering at the market which offers both passive and active security together with high precision and narrow turning radius.The IntelliTrack pivot point is angled so the sprayer physically will be leaning in to the curve when turning. The active security DEC – DynamicElectronicControl - will not allow the sprayer to steer if the driving speed is too high.
High expectations – the obvious choice As mentioned, the NAVIGATOR family is a success and properly the most sold trailed sprayer in the world. The combination of quality and high performance components as TurboFiller, large EasyClean filter and easy operation seems to be the farmer’s choice. HARDI has high expectation to the introduction of NAVIGATOR 5000/6000, and together with model 3000/4000, the complete line of sprayers fits perfectly together with RANGER 2500 and the newly updated COMMANDER line from 3300 to 7000 l.




MASTER plus with a wide range of intelligent features

HARDI introduces a range of new features on the MASTER plus - an updated tractor mounted sprayer which is top of the range of machines for the farmer who does not want to compromise when high capacity and safe operation are highly demanded.

DilutionKit – remote controlled rinsing of the spray circuit
The MASTER plus can be equipped with a DilutionKit. This system allows the operator to flush the liquid system from the driver’s seat.The operator can flush only the boom or rinse the tank with the flush nozzles. The need of rinse water is reduced due to the optimized liquid system. All return lines and agitation will be flushed when spraying out the diluted liquid from the main tank.
The number of dilution steps is under the operator’s control. With every extra dilution step the chemical concentration in the residues is diluted. So if the dilution process is done with a more steps and smaller portions the system will be better rinsed than just doing one rinse. 

More electronic options
The MASTER plus can be delivered with 3 different terminals and can also be chosen an ISOBUS ready sprayer. To make the complex sprayer operation easi-er the HC 6500, HC 9500 have the proven HARDI GRIP for the operation of all primary spray functions, such as on/off and section switches as well as the hydraulic operation can easily and safely take place by means of a joystick. 

ISOBUS terminal with full integration of all sprayer functions 
The HARDI ISOBUS terminals HC 8500 and HC 9500 are also an option on the MASTER plus. The complete integration of all important information on one work screen is an important criterion. Farmers want to see at a glance all sprayer information and also guidance and boom management information without changing work screen. 

Different AutoSectionControl solutions
The farmer can choose between different automatic section devices. Either an integrated version in the HC 8500 and HC 9500 terminals, or a stand-alone version with the new HARDI SprayRover.




ALPHA evo with new fully automatic liquid system – DynamicFluid4

HARDI presents the ALPHA evo self-propelled in the 2014 version with DPF engine, new EcoDrive transmission and fully automatic fluid system.

New fluid system

The ALPHA evo is now equipped with a DynamicFluid4 liquid system, which is developed in terms of a faster regulation with highest possible accuracy. The new liquid system works with a fast “feed forward” regulation valve to deal with all the challenges forced by stepless, constant revolution transmissions with fast speed changes and automatic on/off functionality. The new regulation valve is programmed to cope with different driving behaviours.
The regulation concept is designed with 4 different sensors. Together with the high precision, the 4 sensors are working as back-up for each other. This results in high level of security and built-in reliability.

Standard with AutoWash - The fluid system works with electro-motoric valves and is as standard equipped with the AutoWash system of the second generation. The inside rinsing is fully automatic, the operator just chooses a rinsing programme, and the ALPHA evo will be rinsed in the field. 

TIER 3 B with increased power
The HARDI ALPHA evo will be equipped with a powerful Deutz TIER 3 B en-gine with 180 kW/245 HP and has an increased torque. The TIER 3 B Diesel-Particle-Filter is on the right side under the bonnet. 

New EcoDrive transmision with reduced fuel consumption
The new hydrostatic EcoDrive transmission has now 2 Sauer hydraulic pumps (H1 115 cm3 = 230 cm3, in the past 1 hydraulic pump with 147 cm³).The engine characteristics and the EcoDrive transmission allow driving with lower engine revolutions, in practical work the fuel consumption can be reduced more than 30 %.

As optional the ALPHA evo can be delivered with a Diff-Lock system, where front and rear axles will be supplied with either one or two hydraulic pumps. A further option is the SAPE system an automatic electronic traction control with - allowing driving also in wet and hilly conditions.


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